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NVC Bazaar Reflection / Review

Yesterday I went to a daylong conference called “Nonviolent Communication Bazaar: A Day of Learning and Connection Around Communication and Conflict Resolution.” It was at a local university. I had a bit of a mixed experience and want to share … Continue reading

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Exercise: Shifting Toward Empathy

I found this exercise through the New York Center for Nonviolent Communication, created by the organization’s founder Thom Bond. The purpose of this exercise is to get us into the habit of shifting to a mental place of empathy when we’re … Continue reading

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My First NVC / Empathy Workshop

Last night, I celebrated my birthday by facilitating a workshop on Nonviolent Communication (NVC) and Empathy. It was the first time I had facilitated on these topics, and I am delighted with how it went. Attendance Eight people plus myself … Continue reading

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Chinese New Year’s Resolution: Embracing My Inner ‘Sheep’

It’s now the Year of the Sheep (Yáng) in the Chinese Zodiac. Since my mother is Taiwanese, and a sheep, I consider it a good idea to make this my first ever Chinese New Year’s Resolution. I’m also doing this … Continue reading

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Mission Accomplished: 30 Days of Nonviolent Communication (NVC)

My commitment to 30 days of focusing on nonviolent communication was satisfied as of September 28. It was a resounding success. Here is an overview of how it went, as well as some thoughts for the future. The Social Media … Continue reading

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Consumerism Breeds Perfectionism

Perfectionism in our society is tied to consumerism. If you don’t DO anything but consume perfect images of others, of course you’ll be perfectionistic. I’m talking about the combination of consuming many things without ever doing them. Without exercising our … Continue reading

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“The Gifts of Imperfection” & A Letter to Brené Brown

I just wrote the following letter to Brené Brown (technically just a message through the form on her website). She’s a shame and vulnerability researcher who became famous when her TED talk on vulnerability went viral a few years ago. … Continue reading

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