Travis T’s Drag Show Debut

This is my debut in a drag show:

“Slow Dancing in a Burning Room” by John Mayer
Blues dancing with Ray/Red.
The End of the World Show
Location: December 2012 at Phase One

King Ken, founder of the D.C. Kings, says that s/he grows more confident as a man on stage, taking on the theatrical role of a man. Confidence, as a man, just fits, because society programs men to be more confident. Drag king shows are to a large extent parody, intended to exaggerate and highlight masculinity as a social construct – as a social role.

I, too, felt much more comfortable flaunting socially constructed masculinity, with shoulders up and back – as a drag king. My friends told me afterward, “I had no idea you had so much swag. Sexy!” I almost never have friends tell me I look sexy, except for those who I am already sexually involved with. Of course, the drag king, as performance, is already more sexually charged, but it was certainly encouraging to receive these unusual compliments. I wouldn’t mind more women tugging on my tie on the dance floor. 😉DC Kings

The drag king performance is but another way to role play self-confidence, and a relatively easy space to do so – because the audience is expecting it. I even managed to do it through a sad, John Mayer break-up song.

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