Reframing the Issue

Ever meet someone who, whenever you complain to them about something, they just reframe the issue in an encouraging, solution-oriented way? They’re probably your friends, and they may not always be that way toward everyone, but they are toward you, and that’s why you’re friends.

To be the best friend to ourselves, we have to learn this skill of reframing the issue to encourage ourselves and get us moving in the right direction. Take a hint from your friends: you have got to see the light in yourself. It’s what you really want to see anyway: that’s why you feel so good when others see the light in you. Give yourself what deep down you know you ultimately want.

Any time you start complaining/worrying/etc., just think, “Time to reframe the issue.” Be resourceful and creative and scour your mind for positive perspectives only. You’ll be surprised what you find when you look – not to mention stop indulging in that unhelpful perspective.

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2 Responses to Reframing the Issue

  1. Mark Clark says:

    Awesome! I’m going to start trying to do this for myself right away. Thanks.

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