More on Giving

“The power of living is giving.” -Anthony Robbins

I really believe that these words by Anthony Robbins are the golden key to life. By living for giving, we can stop being needy and become creators – creators of joy, both for ourselves and others.

So here is a challenge I’m making for myself, and I want you to hold me accountable – and join in if you like. Every hour, I am going to write in my journal an answer to the question: what/how can I give to the world / to life right now? I am going to update this post with some of my hourly answers each day (minimum two). Sometimes it may be the same answer.

Because giving is so central to living a good life, I can’t afford to make any less of a commitment than HOURLY. Every waking hour and no less. The hope is that I will actually get into asking this question virtually constantly and then just automatically.

This is a big change from my previous Giving Trial, where I was full of broad ideas about the meaning of giving, but didn’t figure out how to turn it into a ton of specifics. Because it was so vague, I was unsure of when I was making progress and not.

Rule starts right now. This is a 21-day challenge, but today counts as Day Zero. Let’s go! 🙂

Day 0 – December 29, 2011

  1. I am giving this post and this commitment to the world. And this smile. 🙂
  2. I give to life by brainstorming ideas of how to use a free coaching session.

Day 1 – December 30

  1. Giving by coaching myself into a better mindset.
  2. Smiles and positive vibes to the people around me.

Day 2 – December 31

  1. Give thanks. Write down 10 things I appreciate.
  2. Tip my waitress well.

Day 3 – January 1, 2012

  1. Give to my body by going for a run.
  2. Smile at strangers.

Day 4 – January 2

  1. Ask a friend how I can be giving toward him.
  2. Volunteer at a community center.
  3. Invite someone I just met to my party.

Day 5 – January 3

  1. Give myself peace by refusing to worry at least until I know for sure what is going on.
  2. Call housemate about her concern – don’t wait for her to call.

Day 6 – January 4

  1. Commit to not posting any more FB status updates for two weeks unless concrete need.
  2. Look up events to fill up my days around this city.
  3. Invite housemate to several of these events.

Day 7 – January 5

  1. Give to my body by stretching.
  2. Give to the open mic by listening carefully and appreciating all that others share.

Day 8 – January 6

  1. Energetic poetry, as inspired by the open mic. On giving, no less.
  2. Carry around Free Hugs sign and hug a hostess and a cashier.
  3. Call friend to say happy b-day and leave gift.
  4. Support the gay clubs.

Day 9 – January 7

  1. 30 minutes of timed self-coaching out loud.
  2. Be joyous in nature.
  3. Appreciate the unusual (bluegrass) music.
  4. Make mistakes (going to a bar).
  5. Invite new friends to my party.

Day 10 – January 8

  1. Give my fascination.
  2. Give to my body by running.
  3. Become a good host!: clean room for guests, order vegan pizzas for party, make sure everyone feels welcome and part of the group/conversation, put on some appropriate music, guide the group massage activities, give good massages, and educate others about massage!

Day 11 – January 9

  1. Give to myself with timed meditation on decisiveness.
  2. Go for a run + meditate on energy.

Day 12 – January 10

  1. Five-minute speed self-coaching (very effective).
  2. Power self-coaching on being socially fearless (also very effective).
  3. Ask 5+ women to dance in the swing dance hall.

Day 13 – January 11

  1. Give to body by going for run despite rain.
  2. Practice dance on my own.

Day 14 – January 12

  1. Teach myself some swing.
  2. Give to my body by biking ALL the way up the hill.

Day 15 – January 13

  1. Create some more Free Hugs signs.
  2. Turn a piece of cardboard into a cheap (but time-consuming – but superior to store-made) and inspiring room decoration.
  3. Push my mind to do as many push-ups as possible (I’m sore as I write this).
  4. Be inclusive of everyone at dinner and at the club.

Day 16 – January 14

  1. Shop some practical stuff and room decoration (because I normally am stingy with money).
  2. Some serious journaling.

Day 17 – January 15

  1. Write a love letter to my body.
  2. Dance with bunches of people.

Day 18 – January 16

  1. Write two new blog posts; publish one.
  2. Laughter.

Day 19 – January 17

  1. Playfulness.
  2. Ask girls to dance.

Day 20 – January 18

  1. Add another decoration to my room.
  2. Figure out next challenge(s) and work on blog post about it.
  3. Really work on getting into the giving mindset.
  4. Invite friends/acquaintances to hang out.

Day 21 – January 19 (last day!!!)

  1. Write and publish two blog entries.
  2. Clean up an older blog post.
  3. Clean/organize room.
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2 Responses to More on Giving

  1. Gay-Yee Westerhoff says:

    🙂 Touched and so glad that you are really taking initiative my darling !!!!! Love you !

    – Gay-Yee Westerhoff

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