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More on Giving

“The power of living is giving.” -Anthony Robbins I really believe that these words by Anthony Robbins are the golden key to life. By living for giving, we can stop being needy and become creators – creators of joy, both … Continue reading

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Stop Trying

You have heard it said before: “Keep trying. Never give up.” “You’ll never succeed if you don’t try.” These statements are true and wise. But they’re not always true. Sometimes we succeed by not trying. There are things I would … Continue reading

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First (poem)

I wrote this for an open mic the other day. It’s about my social firsts in 2011.

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The Power of Positivity

Two and a half years ago, I met the most positive-thinking person I had ever met. She wouldn’t even allow negativity in our conversations (problematic in some ways, but that’s another discussion). On the rare occasion that I said something … Continue reading

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