Hakuna Matata

It means no worries. For anyone who has experience with meditation, you know that it’s about letting things be. Acceptance. Letting go. You begin by observing your thoughts, including your feelings, your worries. Observe and let be. This can be applied to boosting your self-confidence. When you meditate, pay attention to your fears in relating to others, or the universe, your anxieties. Try meditating in a public place, especially a place where you have the strongest anxieties with others. If you are self-conscious in any way, take note. Accept your feelings, accept others’ feelings. Accept that people will just feel how they’ll feel, but ask yourself where worrying about it will take you. Do you want to follow that train of thought?

What does worrying accomplish? Does it sound at all analogous to a dog chasing its tail? It is about running in circles around a problem, with or without actually solving it. Sure, it might motivate you in the long run, but it hurts. It’s the opposite of fun.

If you’re going to become self-confident, you must let go of your worries about what people think of you, as well as your worries about yourself. Now, there is a distinction between worrying and noticing/acknowledging/considering. Just because you are not worrying about what your friend or coworker thinks of you does not mean you won’t take this into consideration when choosing how to communicate or interact with said person.

Hakuna matata. Self-confidence. They mean the same thing.

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